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Green Deal Survey Update Who’s in The Know?

Green Deal Survey Update
Who’s in The Know?

The updated Green Deal survey findings have never been published since they were gathered back in June 2012. With the details of the deal now public knowledge since its launch in November 2012, we thought now would be a good time to take a look back at the survey results in order to see it where most people opinions sat.

Save money or save the planet?

The one thing that was plainly obvious from the Green Deal survey was the fact that by far the great majority of homeowners are anxious to save money on their energy bills. But this desire is not fuelled by any sense of wanting to conserve
dwindling global resources. It is purely fiscal.In actual fact, when asked the question directly, 78% of Green Deal survey
respondents said that saving money on their energy bills was more important to them than helping to protect the environment. Only 28% nominated conservancy as their prime focus.

Energy saving and cost cutting go hand in hand

But somewhat fortuitously, most ways of cutting energy costs are generated by innovations that go towards husbanding finite raw materials. By creating new designs and technologies we are also making more efficient use of energy fuel sources.

Green Deal survey results

In spite of the groundswell of desire to cut energy costs, there is still a long way to go. Whilst many households have taken some positive steps towards cutting costs, many are yet to do so. The survey showed:
•  Only 40% of homes have cavity wall insulation
•  Only 26% of homes have solid wall insulation
•  68% of properties are yet to install double glazed doors and windows
•  56% of households do not have energy efficient boilers
•  Only 30% of households have installed solar panels

On a more positive note:

•  90% of households are now using energy saving light-bulbs
•  63% of homes have had draught proofing installed
•  75% of properties have had loft installation installed.

Cost of installations is prohibitive What is patently obvious from the figures shown above is that most people’s decisions on whether or not to install certain energy saving features, seems to be down to cost. This is borne out by the Green Deal survey recording an overwhelming 71% of respondents who answered that high installation costs were a
prohibitive factor.

Who knows about the Green Deal?

At the time that the Green Deal survey was being carried out, only 41% of people had actually heard of it. Of this 41%, only 12% said that they thought they knew much about it. It would be very interesting to conduct another poll after the
event of the launch to see how much these figures have varied. But strange though it may seem, having established that 71% of respondents blamed the high cost of installation for the low take-up, only 37% said the Green Deal would tempt them to change their minds.

Creatures of habit

It does seem that we are creatures of habit, used to doing what we know. This same feeling

creates inertia to change. But, at the point of buying a new home, 49% of home hunters would prefer to buy a house with energy saving measures already in place. Furthermore, 56% said that they would be willing to pay more.

Spreading the word

When all is said and done, the Green Deal survey shows that it boils down to the public’s general lack of knowledge about the Green Deal itself. The government themselves have failed miserably to get the message across. So now it is down to all of us to try and spread the word. In light of this, the NSBRC are committed and prepared to support the cause by hosting and promoting conferences, and by running events and workshops to publicise the new opportunities that Green Deal financing

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