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Waterproofing Roofs And Roof Terraces



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All buildings will have one form or another of  during their lifetime. Water problems cause growth of mildew which may be hazardous to your health, increase your heating bills to warm up damp rooms, invade your home with unpleasant musty odours, cause unsightly efflorescence , peeling wallpaper and flaking paint and depress the value and appearance of your home.

On roofs, coping and parapet walls are the cause of the most common and severe waterproofing problems along with deteriorated flashing used to seal joints around vents, skylights, chimneys and broken roof tiles. Rebuilding or contracting major roof repairs (which may cause you to have to move out during the work) are often too expensive and simply not a viable solution.

The key to success is choosing the right waterproofing product to repair and waterproof the right problem area. Applying a rigid membrane would prove disastrous if the structure is subject to movement and vibration. On the other hand, an elastic very flexible membrane is less puncture proof and you will need tougher more resistant coating if your roof terrace (or garden terrace) will bear frequent foot traffic. Some products are ideal for roofs and terraces having a
minimum slope (>1.5%) but may deteriorate rapidly when exposed to ponding or stagnating water conditions (the case on flat roofs or terraces with no or insufficient slope to allow rain water evacuation).

Optimum performance is achieved by using the right combination of products, surface preparation and application procedures. The key to success lies in the understanding of your specific wants and needs.

Arcane Industries’ waterproofing systems are designed to repair and waterproof a large surface area (pitched or flat roofs and roof terraces) and/or simply those roof parts which are particularly vulnerable to cracking or crazing and water infiltration. Whether you are patching a problem or waterproofing your entire roof, garden terrace or balcony, be sure you know the advantages and limitations of the different waterproofing products before choosing.

Pumping up your  heating system

Pumping up your  heating system

The solution you choose is the one which is best suited to your specific situation and needs
• Is your roof sloped or flat?
• Does your flat roof have a minimum slope or not? (although invisible to the eye, a standard flat roof or roof
terrace is built with a minimum slope of 1.5 to 3% to allow rain water to evacuate).
• Will the waterproofing membrane have to prove resistant to frequent or heavy foot traffic?
• What surface finish is present or planned on your roof or terrace (tiling, metal, bituminous, glass)?
• Do you need to waterproof over or under tiles


If you are looking for a transparent waterproofing coat, a seamless elastomeric coating which come in a wide colour range, a polyurethane alternative to waterproof no-slope roofs and terraces or a solution to waterproof under or over roof tiles, contact us!
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Choose the right product combination

Note: All buildings are subject to some movement and it is essential that the waterproofing system stretch, compress and resist breaking if the substrate moves, or if existing cracks expand and contract. Arcane’s reinforcement mesh is especially designed to reinforce weak areas, cracks and crazing and add flexibility to our highly elastic solution

2) Prepare your surface by following our guidelines
(3) Apply it yourself as easily as applying paint

The cured film acts like a sheet of rubber, sealing open pores, small holes and cracks. Unlike rubber, the roof
coating is vapour permeable and allows the substrate to breathe, providing a waterproof membrane protected from air-borne chemicals, fungus, chloride attack and water-induced deterioration

Waterproofing excellence

Arcane Industries has invested in research and development of waterproofing solutions for over 20 years now and manufactures and distributes flexible waterproofing systems which apply as easily as a paint to render a seamless, attractive and long-lasting waterproof membrane on your roofs and terraces

Pumping up your  heating system

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